British Airways Moves Towards Implementing Opposite Facing Seats

British Airways has recently proposed a patent to offer opposite facing seats designs for economy, premium economy, and business class seating.  Unlike what many competing airlines offer, these opposite facing seats will create a new and enjoyable way to fly, adding space and comfort to an area of flight that desperately needs it.  British Airways can thank their in house lead designer, Peter Cooke for this idea.  Peter says that his redesigned seats ensure more personal space for travelers and easier communication between traveling companions during flight, creating a better experience for the travelers that choose British Airways.  Rather than imagining the aircraft as a larger entity, the patent looks at how more flexible cabin configuration would offer a better inflight experience for all.

British Airways Moves Towards Implementing Opposite Facing Seats (1)

The economy seating will have a new reclining feature, something that is missing from almost every economy seat, as well as private screens on each head rest.  Though these are still a new idea, British Airways is attempting to make them standard among all air carriers.  To allow more space in the premium economy class seats, Cooke has proposed alternating forward facing seats.  This allows for easier communication and even more room than economy seating.  Business class will allow family cabins where seats can directly face each other.  The private cabin space means that family members or friends can be seated comfortably across on adjoining center table, much more like a train, than having to be restricted to a tray table.

The competition among airlines is fierce, and British Airways is hoping that this step forward will garner them more fans.  I’ve always said it won’t be the airline that makes their seats the cheapest that wins the most fliers, it will be the airline that can create the best atmosphere and comfort for it’s passengers for a reasonable price that will come out on top.  British Airways now waits for approval to implement these opposite facing seats that will surely make flying with them more pleasurable and comfortable.

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