Brilliant Approach to Lounge Furniture: Squishy Balls

Of all the things humans are most inclined to do, being lazy and sitting on furniture on literally any day of the week qualifies as something that is necessary to human existence.  Knowing this, having furniture that is out of the ordinary, but still practical and comfy, is something that we all wish for.  Given how ordinary most furniture is, things like this prove to us that not everything to be plain.  The Feel Seating System: Squishy Balls Lounge Furniture set is something truly extraordinary, not only in design but in concept.  Much like a bean bag chair, the squishy balls set up allows one to create any blob to fit any situation.

Brilliant Approach to Lounge Furniture: Squishy Balls (3)

Brilliant Approach to Lounge Furniture: Squishy Balls (1)

It can be one set of balls, or multiple sets of balls, and can sit anywhere from 1 to 4 people.  “An emotional state of the body,” is a phrase used by the designers to describe what it was exactly they were shooting for.  They wanted lounge furniture that you could make express your desires and feelings.  It can be a bed, a chair, or basically any other piece of furniture you could possibly think of.

Brilliant Approach to Lounge Furniture: Squishy Balls (2)

There are 120 balls in all, and they are all made of foam to fit the contours of your body.  Based off the structure of a molecule, the Feel Seating System allows any person, couple, or family to change the way they live in whatever environment they choose.  The advanced functionality of this product and the ease of it allows for many different setups.  This characteristic may very well be what the future has in store for furniture.

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