Breathtakingly Modern GLASS Megayacht

When you hear the term “megayacht” there’s one thing that immediately pops into your mind: massiveness. However, even though a massive vessel can definitely be awe-inspiring, the design of the yacht also has a key role to play in its overall appeal.

Modern GLASS Megayacht 1

Sketched out by Lujac Desautel, the GLASS megayacht concept resembles a floating isle that is leaden with luxury and comfort. Boasting no less than 5,600 square feet of space, this yacht actually features 2 hulls and ensures ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. The genius of its layout is exemplified the different floors that are masterfully stacked up on top of each other just like a set of LEGO pieces.

Obviously, this gives the yacht a rectangular and edgy appearance that isn’t necessarily aerodynamic, but given its sheer size and orientation towards comfort, we imagine that this vessel wouldn’t need to move that fast across the waves anyway even though it must be powered by a series of massive engines.

Modern GLASS Megayacht 2

Modern GLASS Megayacht 3

Modern GLASS Megayacht 4

Modern GLASS Megayacht 6

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