Breathtaking Kelpies Horse-Head Sculptures In Scotland

As the largest and possibly the most impressive examples of public art in Scotland, The Kelpies sculptures can be found within a very large and special parkland project that links a total of 16 communities in the Falkirk Council Area of the country.

Kelpies Horse-Head Sculptures 3

Finished in October 2013, these unique representations of horse heads were sketched out by a skilled artist named Andy Scot and boast a direct link with Scotland’s rich history regarding the majestic animals. The name of the sculptures was chosen in connection to a series of old Celtic legends that describe “kelpies” as mythical water hoses that are 10 times stronger and as faster when compared to a normal horse.

The sculptures are made out of sturdy steel and boast stainless steel cladding, which brings their weight to about 300 tons each. If you would like to visit these new and impressive landmarks of Scotland, you’ll be glad to know that you may do so starting April 21 via several guided tours.

Kelpies Horse-Head Sculptures 1

Kelpies Horse-Head Sculptures 4

Kelpies Horse-Head Sculptures 5

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