BRABUS Mercedes CL 500

Brabus presented the amended version of the Mercedes-Benz CL500. The tuner offers two power kits for the spectacular coupe.Brabus presented the tuned version of the Mercedes-Benz CL500 and S500 4matic models .These models typically use a V8 engine that develops 435 HP AND 700 Nm.

BRABUS Mercedes CL 500 (21)

For those who are not satisfied with these figures, Brabus offers two power kits now. The first is called the Brabus B50 – 490 and modifies engine power by electronic ECU remap. Resulting power of 490 hp is 780 Nm. The second kit is called the Brabus B50-520 and pushes the engine power to 520 hp and 820 Nm! Both kits include special exhaust systems created of Brabus plus lowered by 25 millimeters.

Technical changes are complemented by aesthetic changes. Front and rear bumpers are different while customizing the interior is varied and may be made according to the wishes of the future owner. There is also a wide selection of wheels in size from 19 to 22 inches.

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