Boucheron Crazy Jungle Hathi

It seems that there is no specific limit to the number of hours that you submit, you can probably put a watch in each category of awards.Now, they threw in another race model, Crazy Jungle Hathi, participating in class design, unlike the previous one, this is a model that is represented India.

Boucheron Crazy Jungle Hathi (2)

The link between Boucheron and India dates from 1909, when Louis Boucheron came first in this country, where he was deeply impressed by the history and culture of this people.In 1982, the maharaja of Pati’s Boucheron asks to create a collection of jewelry, which will eventually reach 149 copies to be full of shine.They can be studied in the museum Boucheron.Just got the brand to create a model to pay tribute to India.Element of the clock is elephant on the dial.This animal in Indian culture, and symbolizes good luck if the trunk is curved upward.Which is pretty impressive at this hour module “Crazy Seconds”.This blanket is placed on the elephant and operates as a kaleidoscope, turning the seconds.

Carefully placed on the dial are diamonds, sapphires, and tsavorite amethyst crystals and mosaic created from these stones is 400 Murano style.Interesting how the image is continued on the bezel on the dial.The casing is made ​​of white gold and bezel, the same material, is adorned with 40 diamonds and sapphires.The clock has a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11.1 mm.This model is water resistant to 50 meters.On the back of the case is a sapphire glass, behind which lies an automatic mechanism.It has a caliber GR 4000, 28 800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours.The strap is satin, and purple is a clamping system catrama white gold.




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