Bold Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign by Gucci

As the luxury design houses shape the trends for the following seasons, it was expected that Gucci too would create a spring collection for 2013. Famous models like Karmen Pedaru and Anja Rubik brought the line’s beautifully bold items to life in the ad campaign shot by Mert & Marcus.

Bold Spring Summer 2013 Campaign by Gucci (9)

The new creations of the Gucci label feature bold tones that are meant to brighten the cold dull atmosphere of the current season. These lively outfits are bound to revive your energy, as the ad campaign flaunts glamorous yest dynamic pieces. Not the one to shy away from bright colors, various prints and high impact details, Gucci has managed once again to design a stunning spring collection with edgy items that fit in perfectly with the designer’s previous lines.

Gucci’s recipe for a success this spring includes large sleeves, eye-catching tones, animal prints, ruffles, deep necklines and abstract details. Even if you think that some of the pieces in this campaign don’t really fit with you preferences, boldness is generally encouraged this spring by most brands in the industry. Of coures, boldness should probably not be interpreted as dressing head to toe in flashy prints, but more as experinemting with statement accessories and a toned down outfit.

Gucci envisioned large necklaces, vibrant handbags, elegant eye-wear, simple sandals and bright clutches as the hottest accessories with which to upgrade your outfits this season. The line also features details such as patent leather and prints, designed to emphasize the sophistication of the items.

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