Bold Hair Color Ideas for 2011

Giving the start, stars as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj women have been embracing this idea of a bold hairstyle and color.Colors being very variated you can definitely find your perfect shade for you which help to be in 2011 hair trends.

Bold Hair Color Ideas for 2011 (2)

As nowadays you don’t have to be shy about expressing your personality.You can choose any colors which underline your powerful personality.From bright red to copper red, anything goes, so select the perfect shade for you.
Rihanna is a good example for us because she was bold and decided to have red hair. Rihanna’s look has changed at the initiative of Vogue stylists, which diva has worked for a photo shoot.

For best results a professional hair coloring you have to be careful because if you are brunette you should choose flaming or copper red shades combined with a chocolate hair color base and if you are blonde should go for contrasting pastel pink or lilac, depending on personal preference.

If you are looking for a original look ,choose two fab contrasting colors which will accentuate your fabulous hair .In this way you can accentuate your side swept or bangs.

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