BMW M3 Coupe – “Chrome Bullet” Showcar

BMW Museum in Munich and has appeared most interesting M3 Coupe. Called Chrome Bullet, the model comes complete with a chrome body. Unfortunately the copy is not for sale.BMW uses a few tricks sometimes to great effect in order to surprise fans the most pleasant way possible. Without making too much publicity, the Germans brought in their museum in Munich a special copy M3 Coupe. New creation called Chrome Bullet M3 Coupe will surely attract many fans eager to know what lies beneath the car’s metal shell.

BMW M3 Coupe – “Chrome Bullet” Showcar (9)

What distinguishes the remaining copies bolide M3 is fully chrome body.It is not for sale, but a piece of decor – yet.Adhesive Bullet Chrome M3 Coupe is the specific colors stand out in Division M and tinted windows matched with black wheels reminiscent of the M3 GTS. The inscription “showcar” car plates present is all about the role of this copy, specially designed to be simple machine exhibition.Single model is likely to actually start a survey to clarify whether such a trend BMW deserves to give way.BMW did not offer any technical details nor said whether it intends to further materialize the project M3 Coupe Chrome Bullet.



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