BMW is Preparing the Future I4 and I5

Although some time has elapsed from the publication of official information and images with the first models of the sub-brand “i” family of electric and hybrid vehicles promises to be rich Bavarian two new proposals: I4 and I5.According to preliminary information, I4 could actually be a sport version of BMW urban I3, using the same mechanics, same 170 hp electric motor.

BMW is Preparing the Future I4 and I5 (1)

The difference between the two will be done at design I4 future will borrow many elements of style from I8 supercar at a lower price.On the other hand, BMW I5 platform will be developed hybrid of I8, will have a coupe and sedan body will be more practical and more spacious than I8. The model could have a conventional open system, rear door opening is reversed to facilitate access in the cabin.

After I3 and I8 BMW concepts debut at Frankfurt, the version number will be launched in 2013 and 2014. Rumors on upcoming I4 and I5 could become reality and then 2020.

In addition, the family “I” could receive a long-wheelbase version of I3, and a BMW convertible supercar derived from I8. Obviously, all will enjoy the massive use of carbonfibre reinforced plastic, a unique combination of lightweight materials that provide.

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