Blue Lagoon Hot Springs Islanda

Island is a wonderful country,it having on the territory volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and geothermal waters.Located in the North Atlantic, Iceland bears the name of the Country of the Fire and Ice, due to intense volcanic activity which created an unusual landscape, with massive amounts of ice and snow being the volcanoes, geysers and hot springs.

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Iceland’s main attraction is certainly the Blue Lagoon because it is a unique place in the world where geothermal water with healing properties is used both tourists and locals to relax and to get skin care treatments.Water heated by the volcano and mixed with ash, water from the Blue Lagoon is the  1 attraction in Iceland.Being so important, local people wanted to take care of it so they have developed as real fortress in the middle of the lake where visitors can enjoy all facilities of a memorable trip.

But this is not all that the lagoon offers.Great Geysir, the most famous hot spring, which throws water from a height of about 59 meters, is surrounded by many hot springs including Strokkur that comes regularly every 7-10 minutes up to a height of 30 meters.

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