Black Series Marauder

The most powerful vehicle has 15 meters and 1,350 horsepower.Mercedes contributed to the realization the most powerful vehicle in the world.Two engines Mercury 1350 achieved the fastest horse on the boat made ​​by Mercedes and Ciagertte.It is called Marauder Black Series, the C63 AMG Black Series. The car was launched a year ago and has a 6.3 liter V8 engine and 510 horses. Boat speed was presented at the Miami Boat Show 2012.Mercedes and Cigarette have collaborated with Ducati in a similar boat, inspired by the SLS AMG Roadster.The Black Series Marauder enjoys of a  black and white paint scheme and also of more than more than 100 billet aluminum pieces used.The alluminium pieces were used from the dash, grab handles, seat supports and sound system, to numerous trim accents. The finally result was launched at the 2012 Miami Boat Show,in Florida.

Black Series Marauder (7)

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