Beyonce Will Have a Girl

According to friends of the couple of singers, Beyonce was very happy when she learned that she will have a daughter because she wants to be as close to it, as was the relationship between the singer and her mother, Tina.Also, since she found out baby’s sex, Beyonce buy baby clothes a lot. “I’m afraid that his family not to have what to buy for the party in honor of the baby, in December,” a source told .

Beyonce Will Have a Girl

Beyonce, aged 30 years, will give birth to her first child in February next year.”My husband and I are together for ten years – that all my youth – and feel that the time and am grateful that God blessed me with this great gift that a being can receive. I think, because I made ​​so many things for me and that really know who I am, I did not hurry. If we talk about the right time, now is the time and are so happy. it was really hard to hide it. But now I can be proud and excited, I was so much fun shopping – it’s great.


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