Best-Paid TV Stars of 2013

Best-Paid TV Stars of 2013

It’s that time of the year when we take a close look at the earnings of our favorite TV stars. As expected, some names such as Ashton Kutcher , Judy Sheindlin and Mark Harmon stand out, so we decided to organize the rankings according to different television genres for a plus of clarity.

Late Night Shows

Jon Stewart


When it comes to Late Night shows, Jon Stewart from Comedy Central is definitely the highest earner, since he manages to cash in somewhere between $25 and $30 million per year. Jon’s top ranking position means he clearly surpassed the likes of David Letterman and Jay Leno, as his own show enjoys notoriously high ratings night after night.


Ashton Kutcher

As far as comedy programs are concerned, Ashton Kutcher is by far the best-paid actors in his field, boasting earnings of $750,000 per episode. It would certainly seem that his full-time replacement of Charlie Sheen on “Two and a half men” proved to be one of the best career moves of his life. “How I met your mother” star Jason Segel is also enjoying a fair share of winnings thanks to his role as Marshall, which enables him to cash in $225,000 per episode. Amy Poehler of “Parks and Recreation” is close to Jason financial-wise, since she receives $200,000 per episode for her exquisite performance.


Mark Harmon

In the field of drama, Mark Harmon ranks first on our list thanks to his substantial gains of $525,000 per episode of NCIS. Following up is Claire Danes from Homeland with $250,000, sharing the spot with Michael Weatherly also from NCIS with an equal $250,000 salary.

Syndicated Daytime Shows

Judy Sheindlin

Moving on to syndicated daytime shows we find Judy Sheindlin from “Judge Judy”, who brings in $47 million each year. Next in line is Katie Couric who is far behind, flaunting a still impressive income of $10 million.

Simion Cowell

Simon Cowell

Last but not list, Simon Cowell is king of the hill when it comes to TV music competitions, since the X Factor managed to bring him substantial fortunes, $95 million to be precise. Even though the show is not necessarily popular nowadays, Simon is still receiving vast sums of money on behalf of his undisputed ownership of the franchise.

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