Best Holiday Destinations of 2013

Deciding where to go on vacation can be a difficult task, and missing out on something you could have liked better is possible if you’re misinformed. In consequence, it is important to do your homework well before packing your bags, so we prepared a list of travel trends for this year.

Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (1)

Roatan in Honduras

This destination can be reached with a direct flight from Miami. Its strong suite is the fact that you get the same Caribbean beauty, only for a better price compared to other islands in the area.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (6)

Basilicata in Italy

Francis Ford Coppola decided to open The Palazzo Margherita hotel there, because it was his grandfather’s home town. His retreat put the Italian location on the map and increased tourism. You will certainly enjoy the local cuisine, the beach and the cultural aspects of the location.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (7)

Bahia Ballena in Costa Rica

This place has the best of both worlds, with lush jungle and mountains on one side and the national marine park on the other. The bay offers luxurious resorts as well as the opportunity of watching migrating whales.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (5)


The bravest of souls come here to hike Mount Everest. However, this area is a beautiful holiday destination, even for the less adventurous ones, as you can go there to admire the unaltered natural landscape, one-horned rhinos and of course, the elephants.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (4)

Lisbon in Potugal

With plenty to offer, from luxury hotels to historically relevant locations, the capital of Portugal grips to its position as an important touristic city in Europe.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (3)

Riviera Nayarit in Mexico

It is the ideal place for a relaxing yet unforgettable trip. This Pacific resort boasts secluded beaches perfect for whale-spotting.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (2)

Gold Coast in Australia

The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is only one of the sophisticated treats that Queensland city has to offer. The luxurious destination has gained quite a lot of popularity among rich and famous Australians lately.Best Holiday Destinations of 2013 (1)

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