Benetti’s Luxurious Ocean Paradise Superyacht

Featuring great looks, luxe amenities and spacious accommodation options, the fabulous Ocean Paradise yacht will be officially unveiled during the Monaco Yacht Show, which will take place between September 25 and 28. The 180-foot long vessel was created by a renowned Italian shipyard called Benetti, and as such, it was built to meet the highest standards regarding quality and comfort.

Benetti's Luxurious Ocean Paradise Superyacht (10)

The Ocean Paradise luxury yacht incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and amenities, which enable its esteemed guests to fully enjoy their journey across the seas. The yacht’s exterior flaunts sleek, clean lines and sharp edges that help create a sense of sturdiness and resilience. Both the interior and exterior arrangements were sketched out according to the owner’s specifications.

Accommodations include a lavish master suite with its own terrace and four spacious cabins that are able to house guests in exquisite conditions. Conveniences include a mini bar, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a waterfall pool and a solarium, all placed on the upper deck. Also found on the upper deck is a private home beach club that offers great socialization and relaxation opportunities for all on board.

The Ocean Paradise superyacht is truly outstanding in all regards. Why don’t you browse through the pictures we provided below and admire it for yourself?

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