Beautiful Victorian Residence in Caulfield South, Australia

Priced at only $1.4 million, this two-story Victorian-style residence in Caulfield South, Melbourne, Australia can easily be a dream home for a family with kids. It is a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with vintage design and contemporary amenities, whose focal point is the huge open plan living area.

Beautiful Victorian Residence in Caulfield South, Australia (9)

This picture-perfect property comes with a lovely white picket fence, carefully manicured garden, beautiful green lawn, large outdoor swimming pool, and a 2-car garage. The home and its surroundings are a pleasure to look at, and so are the tastefully appointed interiors.

The large living area includes a dining space and flaunts luxe furnishings, a cozy fireplace, comfy seating, and various décor elements. From here, access to the outdoor living/entertaining spaces is facile, which is a great advantage especially during the hot summer days, when nobody needs obstacles on their way to the swimming pool.


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