Beautiful Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia

The Pangkor Laut Resort is found on the island bearing the same name and is one of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia. You can get to the island either by car, in which case you have to drive to Lumut and then take a ferry to the retreat, or by plane.

Beautiful Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia (12)

The getaway is proof that technology and nature can co-exist, and that their cohabitation results in one of the best ways of spending your free time. The getaway offers a great diversity of activities including exploring the surroundings, savoring a delicious meal, relaxing with a spa treatment, jogging, kayaking and many more.

In terms of accommodation, the resort boasts a total of 142 villas, suites and rooms situated in various locations from which to choose. For instance, if you want a room near the lush virgin rainforest, you can opt for either the Garden Villa or the Hill Villa. However, if you prefer a more exotic room, you will love the Sea Villas that are set on stilts just above the waterline.



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