Beautiful Orrong Road House in Melbourne, Australia

This splendid abode is called the Orrong Road House and it was constructed by Breathe Architecture in Melbourne, Australia. Now boasting a lovely mix of wooden elements and sleek, white walls, this house was once a poor lit and damp Edwardian home.

Beautiful Orrong Road House in Melbourne, Australia (9)

All rooms are bathed in natural light, featuring double glazed Jarrah windows that ensure a lovely and welcoming living environment. For a plus of comfort, the floor slab is insulated and comprises hydronic heating coils. In order to prevent the shadowing of nearby properties, the roof is pitched down to the south, helping with the natural air flow and ventilation using high and low level openings.

A cleverly designed system using steel mesh awnings ensures the summer sun does not enter the interior spaces. The winter sun, however, is welcomed within, storing its heat into the floor slab’s thermal mass during the cold season.

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