Beautiful Library House in Tochigi, Japan

This contemporary abode is called the Library House, and it was built in Tochigi, Japan by the Japanese architectural firm Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. The house provides 1,676 square feet of living space, and its most spectacular feature consists of a living/dining area that boasts a skylight, a 20 foot ceiling as well as a bookshelf.

Beautiful Library House in Tochigi, Japan (4)

The bookshelf is incorporated into the northern wall and has plenty of books, while the opposite wall opens up to the southern courtyard. Additionally, the toplight invites plenty of natural light within, while providing views of the sky. The room also features exterior coverings that regulate light flow according to preference, creating a lovely, welcoming atmosphere.

The central room provides access to all other rooms, in absence of a central corridor. The exterior space is divided into two courtyards. The larger one has a tree and it faces the master bedroom, office and Living/Dining area, while the other is considerably smaller and it is placed in between the bathroom, childroom and Living/Dining area.

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