The Beautiful Island of Capri, Italy

Small but remarkably beautiful, Capri is an Italian island situated about three miles from the mainland, into the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. The island has been a popular resort from the times of the Roman Republic, and the Greek mythology identified it as the island of sirens.

Capri Island

Much less mystical today, Capri attracts with things like its natural beauty, numerous hiking paths, and the Seggiovia chairlift ride that takes tourists from Anacapri to Monte Solaro. The 15-minute ride is marked by lovely views of gardens and orchards, but once the summit is reached, the sights become truly spectacular. The vistas over the Bay of Naples are breathtaking, and they grow even more so on a perfectly clear day.

Tourists can rent motor scooters and motor boats for their explorations, and they can also take a water taxi for exciting private excursions in the bay. If you are looking for crowded fun events, then you must go to at least one of the island’s annual festivals which take place at different times during the year. While most people will prefer the summer ones, the Capri Film Festival that happens in December is just as great.

For tourists who love a quieter time, there is a number of interesting attractions on the island. The Church of San Michele Arcangelo, Villa Jovis, Villa San Michele, and the Blue Grotto are some of the most important. For unwinding, Marina Piccola (the little harbor) offers access to quieter beaches. Just keep in mind that July and August are the busiest months of Capri, so if you want to avoid busy crowds, any other month will be better.

Capri Harbour

Capri Centre

Capri Top View


Capri, View from Monte Solaro

View from Monte Solaro

Capri, Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

Capri, Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola

Villa San Michele Panorama

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