Beautiful Indian Resort Leela Goa

The Leela Goa brings together the sophistication of Leela and the Portuguese influences of Goa. The outcome is very impressive-a 75-acre beachfront retreat with white fine sands and a large golf course.

Beautiful Indian Resort Leela Goa (12)

The getaway was designed so that both adults and children could enjoy an entertaining and relaxing stay. Leela Goa is equipped with a tennis court, badminton court, an entertainment area exclusively for kids, croquet and swimming pools. The retreat also offers sightseeing tours, in which the guests can admire local attractions such as local temples, the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mahavir.

In terms of accommodation, the getaway flaunts 206 guestrooms and suites, all with staggering facilities and amenities. The Portuguese-style lagoon rooms and suites ensure sweeping views of the lagoon from their private balconies. The Club is a resort incorporated into Leela Goa. There, visitors can take advantage of the Club beach, private pools, dining venues and transportation to the local airport by limousine.

There are six bars and dining venues that you can choose from, but rest assured that each of them will prove to be as delightful as they get. Regardless of whether you will order a delicious frozen cocktail or freshly caught grilled fish, your taste buds will be delighted.

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