Beautiful Hawthorn Residence by Canny

This outstanding residence can be found in Hawthorn, Australia, and it was sketched out by experts from Canny, who ensured it would benefit from a smooth and slick layout. The facade and front rooms have a traditional design, giving off a sense of calm and elegance, while the rear spaces feature more modern characteristics and boast a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful Hawthorn Residence by Canny (14)

The residing family needed independent living zones for all family members, including three teenage boys, but they also wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the combined living areas. For entertainment and relaxation purposes, there is a lovely curved pool house boasting an expansive pool outlook, but one of the most impressive conveniences is probably the highly detailed cellar. Featuring sink and luxe wooden joinery, a tasting bench, a Vintec wine fridge as well as a 2,000 unit wine storage, this is a perfect area for tastings or private dinner parties.

With high-end amenities, ample living spaces and great entertainment opportunities, this is definitely a fantastic place to call home.



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