Beautiful, Creative and Eccentric High Heels

Beautiful, Creative and Eccentric High Heels

Beautiful, Creative and Eccentric High Heels

It is a well-known fact that women love high heels, and while some designers are content with sketching out their shoes in a somewhat ordinary fashion, some of them are actually pushing the boundaries of creativity, bringing forth eccentric and elaborate footwear that are as impressive as they are unique. Of course, some of these shoes were originally intended to be regarded as works of art, but some of them are actually being produced for the masses, providing women with new and spectacular ways of stealing the spotlight.

1. Origami Heels

Origami Heels

The joyful Origami heels boast an intricate design that was sketched out by a Paris-based studio called Le Creative Sweatshop. Even though they are not actually wearable, the Origami Heels are still quite a sight to behold, and they remind us of the colorful and simple fashion trends of the 80s.

2. Spiraling Stilettos

Spiraling Stilettos

Julian Hakes is responsible for creating these exquisite stilettos, which he actually dubbed the Mojito. Even though this shoe was originally designed as an art piece, it is now being produced for the masses and sold for approximately $250.

3. Skyscraper Heels

Skyscraper Heels

The Skyscraper Heels were sketched out by a designer named Breno Cintra, who was inspired in their creation by the Brazilian Aboriginal Tribe called Yanomani. The shoes appear wearable, and as far as we can tell, they are mostly made out of wood, just like the Aboriginals’ traditional abodes.

4. Pigalle Spikes

Pigalle Spikes

The Pigalle Spikes come from Christian Louboutin. These shoes are based on a classic high-heel pump, flaunting a dashing shade of yellow as well as a series of stud adornments. Like all Christian Louboutin creations, the Pigalle Spikes boast the brand’s signature red sole, while their price tag is somewhere around $1,295.

5. Mohawk Heels

Mohawk Heels

These eccentric heels are called Mohawk Heels, and they bear the mark of Prada. These shoes are inspired by the Mohawk haircut, which has been around for thousands of years. Thanks to their unique design, these shoes can be worn on both elegant and casual occasions.

6. Sling-Shot Heels

Sling-Shot Heels

Made using leather and wood, the Slingshot Heels were penned down by a skilled designer named Kobi Levi, who is also known to have created shoes for Lady Gaga herself. These shoes don’t appear to be very comfortable, but given their exquisite and unique design, they would surely be worth a try.

 7. Slide Heels

Slide Heels

The Slide Heels are last on our list, and they represent yet another daring creation by Kobi Levi. These shoes were made using leather, except for the heel itself, which appears to include tough plastic or light metal. Boasting a playful combination of yellow, red and blue, these shoes remind us of a children’s playground.


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