Beautiful Constellation Sedna Watch by Omega

As any great company, the Omega brand has always been aware that the key to success is innovation. And since the unveiling of their first timepiece they have stayed true to their beliefs. The Constellation Sedna watch is one of their latest creations. The watchmakers managed to craft the first watch of a combination of copper, palladium and rose gold, called Sedna gold. The dial of the timepiece is inspired by the one that was featured on the 1952 Constellation watch. Other beautiful details of this piece include the transparent sapphire crystal case back through which you can observe the Co-Axial caliber 8501 movement, the polished case body, the stylish brown leather strap, the brushed bezel and more.

Beautiful Constellation Sedna Watch by Omega (2)

The luxury label paid great attention to details and even created a beautiful design for the presentation box, a design meant to compliment the stunning appearance of the timepiece itself. Only 1,952 units of this remarkable watch will be produced, the number signifying the year when the Constellation line was launched.

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