Beautiful Chartreuse Mountains in France

The outstanding Chartreuse Mountains of southeastern France are definitely worth visiting if you are planning a trip to the region. These beautiful mountains can be found at the southernmost point of the Jura Mountains, and they are actually a part of the French Prealps.

Chartreuse Mountains in France 3

Apart from their rich fauna and diverse wildlife species, the Chartreuse Mountains are mostly known for their incredibly high peaks, which often attract hiking enthusiasts and climbers from all over the world. The tallest peak is definitely the Chamechaude, which soars up at an altitude of 6,831 feet, while the shortest is called Le Néron and features a height of 4,259 feet.

Chartreuse Mountains in France 4

Chartreuse Mountains in France

There are also numerous ski resorts in the area, including cross-country skiing establishments such as La Ruchère. There is also a ski resort placed at an altitude of 4,350 feet called Col de Porte, which is often visited by adventurous individuals who need a bit of thrill occasionally. The geology of the surrounding area involves an intricate system of caves that stretches beneath the hills, including the renowned Dent de Crolles system that spans 37 miles.

Chartreuse Mountains in France 1

Chartreuse Mountains in France

Chartreuse Mountains in France 5

Chartreuse Mountains in France

Other attractions involve the Grande Chartreuse monastery as well as the delicious Chartreuse liquor, which is manufactured with great care under the watchful eye of the monks.

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