Beau Brummell Limited Edition Watch by Backes & Strauss

This stunning Beau Brummell Limited Edition watch is a real jewel, flaunting 5.15 carats of ideal-cut diamonds. In all, there are 347 hand-set gems adorning the piece, some of them on the bezel, some on the dial, and one (0.09 carats) on the crown.

Beau Brummell Limited Edition Watch by Backes & Strauss (2)

Backes & Strauss  made the case of titanium, ensuring a longer lifespan and better resistance to the piece, while also keeping it very lightweight. The blue dial matches the blue strap for perfect visual balance. Measuring between 40 and 57 millimeters in diameter, the watch is powered by an automatic mechanical movement and features a rotor with platinum segment.

For this creation, the renowned British manufacturer of exquisite diamond watches was inspired by a very interesting character of Britain’s history, called Beau Brummell. He was an arbiter of men’s fashion back in the 1800s, and a friend of King George IV. The watch is limited to only 50 pieces, making it truly irresistible for exclusivity seekers.


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