Beach House Iruveli – A Jewel Of The Maldives

If you are looking for a luxurious corner of paradise where you can spend memorable times in the company of your loved ones, then you should definitely have a look at the Beach House Iruveli resort in the Maldives. This extraordinary family orientated resort is nestled on its own island on the Haa Alif atoll, and it stands ready to ensure exceptional accommodation options as well as fantastic facilities and amenities for adults and children alike.

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Accommodations include a total of 83 thatched villas and suites that benefit from extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean. The villas were designed with modernism and comfort in mind by following the principles of traditional Maldivian architecture, and they all boast spacious patios as well as floor-to-ceiling windows for a touch of transparency and openness. But aside from lying in your bed all day and admiring the views, you can also go out and enjoy absolutely delicious meals during your stay here. Whether you’re looking to savor the tasty steaks at the Medium Fare restaurant or the Asian delights served at the overwater Saffron locale, you will undoubtedly relish every single bite. Afterwards, you could treat yourself with a delicious cocktail at the Saltwater or Amazon bars.

The nearby island of Govvafushi is also available for visitation should you feel the need to stretch your legs a bit, while your children can enjoy themselves under the supervision of the resort’s professional staff members at the Kids’ Club. Sounds perfect, right?

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