Barndominiums: Farm Life has been Upgraded

The Lone Star state, Texas, is a one of a kind entity in several ways; Recently, the Southern dream has been upgraded allowing Texas to stand out yet again. Texans, like Paul and Judy Pogue, have purchased steel structure buildings that get converted into bonafide Southern estates known as “barndominiums”.


There are companies, such as Morton Steel Building, that will build and convert steel buildings into lavish country homes. The Pogues’ home is the absolute dream for any individuals that are seeking a scenic landscape, luxury, comfort, and individuality out of their permanent or getaway dwelling.

From the outside, the home almost looks like a barn or storage facility. However, the inside looks like something that could be seen on Duck Dynasty. The home features custom antler chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings, cozy accent lighting, Texan decor such as leather couches and lone star wall decorations, and ample space for relaxing.

If the luxurious features of the barndominium are not enough, there is a large projector screen that would be perfect for movie nights with friends and family.


Original Post at OddityCentral.

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