Balayage Highlights Hair Color

Balayage highlights were highly popular during the 1980s, and they are currently coming back into style. What makes this hair coloring technique special is that it does not involve using tin foil. The end result is a beautiful, natural-looking shade, which is why the technique has become quite popular among celebrities such as Rachel Bilson or Jessica Biel.

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Balayage coloring is also called hair painting, since the hair colorist is free to apply highlights directly onto the hair strands. If you want to obtain this great look at home, you need to follow a few simple but important steps.

First of all, you need to use the right equipment and respect the timeframe regarding how long you should leave the dye on the hair. Balayage highlights work well especially on short hair, where tin foil simply can’t get the job done.

In order to protect your scalp for damaging effects, make sure to apply the dye on brushed hair that hasn’t been washed in 24 hours. You need to pick separate strands around the face and the crown and use a plastic paddle to separate them from each other, applying the color with a clean mascara wand or a tint brush. Use cotton to secure the roots and cotton sticks to separate colored hair while it’s being dyed.

Gisele Bündchen and Sarah Jessica Parker were recently spotted with balayage highlights, though ombre hair color is apparently a more popular choice. The difference between the two is that ombre hair color requires highlights and lowlights in order to work properly, while balayage looks just fine with only one shade of highlights.

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