BAC Mono Track Racer

Soon this car will be available in the United States in limited numbers,BAC Mono Track Racer at a price of $ 130,000.Those interested of exclusive sport cars and which have the pockets deep enough to allow ,will be happy to learn that race car with a single seat ,BAC Mono  Racer arrived in the United States. Sector111 LLC, a California company specializing in sales pieces and service for the Lotus Elise and Exige and Ariel Atom, was named exclusive U.S. importer of the British model.

BAC Mono (1)

“United States are a very important market and represent a significant percentage of export volume,” said the director BAC, Neill Briggs. “The experience and knowledge we have, we are pleased to announce that Mono will be available through our partner Sector111” he said.

Sector111 said they will be responsible for sales and service in the U.S. BAC Mono, plans to import about 12 cars for 2012, setting the price at $ 130,000 each. Mono is propelled by a Cosworth 2.3-liter naturally aspirated engine, 280 hp, rear-wheel drive, six-speed sequential transmission and a limited slip differential. The single-seater features a carbon fiber body and weighs only 540 kg. According to British company, Mono goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds and top speed is 274 km / h.


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