The Awesome Toys of Tech Billionaires

Extravagance comes naturally to almost all billionaires. Besides the many things they actually do need, there is always that special list of unnecessary but super fun stuff that they happily splurge on. Here we have a list of some really cool billionaire toys of some of the wealthiest technology moguls of 2014.

Mark Cuban, Private Jets

Eric Schmidt – Oasis Superyacht

Eric Schmidt, Oasis Superyacht

All that work as chairman of Google must be very exhausting at times. For those exact times, Eric Schmidt has an amazing luxury yachts to turn to. The vessel boasts a myriad of amenities, including jet skis, a gym that can become a disco, and a large pool. The Oasis can be chartered for $400,000 a week.

Marissa Mayer – Dale Chihuly Ceiling Decorations

Marissa Mayer, Ceiling Decorations

It’s really easy to fill your home with designer goods when you are the CEO of Yahoo. Marissa Mayer is an enthusiast of Dale Chihuly’s work, and was not intimidated by the fact that his creations typically sell for an average of $15,000 apiece. She had the ceiling of her San Francisco Four Seasons penthouse decorated with Chihuly glass artworks. Their delivery caused some traffic problems in the city, but that’s not really a problem when you are as wealthy and important as she is.

David Karp – Vespa Scooter

David Karp, Vespa Scooter

The founder of Tumblr could easily go to work in a limo every single day. Interestingly, though, with a $200 million net worth (that’s an approximate figure) he prefers to ride his Vespa when he goes out. Karp is obviously not a showy guy, which proves us that toys don’t need to be ridiculously expensive for you to really love them.

Elon Musk – Lotus Esprit Submarine

Elon Musk , Lotus Esprit Submarine

With $866,000, the wealthy CEO of Tesla Motots got himself a pretty cool movie prop. He bought the submarine from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. His intention was to actually make the car transform into an underwater vehicle for real.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Plane Collection

Sergey Brin and Larry Page Plane Collection

The cofounders of Google and their company’s chairman Eric Schmidt have a pretty impressive fleet of cool aircrafts. Two Gulfstream Vs, a Boeing 767 and a Boeing 757 are some of the toys that they keep at the Moffett Federal Airfield in Silicon Valey. The collection received an awesome new member in 2008, which was bought by Sergey Brin and Larry Page: a 1982 Dornier Alpha fighter jet.

Larry Page – Senses Superyacht

Larry Page, Senses Superyacht

Photo Credit: Duncan Rawlinson –

All those cool planes were not enough for Larry Page, so in 2011 he also got himself a nice superyacht called Senses. He got the luxury vessel from Sir Douglas Myers, a New Zealand businessman, and he paid $45 million for it. Apparently the yacht is fitted with a helipad, which proves that Page cannot live without his flying toys even when at sea.

Larry Ellison – Private Island of Lanai

Larry Ellison Private Island of Lanai

His $500 million private island is actually not the only expensive treat that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison got himself. He bought the island in 2012 with $500 million when he already had an impressive collection of luxury cars and military planes, as well as an impressive real estate portfolio. Ellison also bought Island Air, an independent American commuter airline, because his plan was to turn the island into a sustainable luxury resort and he wanted his guests to reach it in ultimate comfort.

Richard Branson – Necker Island

Richard Branson, Necker Island

Necker Island is a wonderful luxury resort in the Caribbean and part of the British Virgin Islands. Its 74 acres of sand and tropical vegetation are surrounded by crystal clear waters, making it an excellent place for luxury relaxation and entertainment. The wealthy Virgin Group owner fitted the island with top-notch amenities and enough accommodation space for up to 30 people. There is also a submarine for guests to use in their marine explorations, called Necker Nymph. If you prefer sailing above the water you can take the Necker Belle yacht for a ride.

Mark Cuban – Private Jets

Mark Cuban, Private Jets

American businessman Mark Cuban has a thing for planes. He has three private jets, and even though we can’t know for sure, we think he doesn’t love them all equally. His Gulfstream V – which was a 1999 online purchase – made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest e-commerce buy ever, with a price tag of $40 million. He also has a Boeing 767 and a Boeing 757.

Bill Gates – da Vinci’s Codex Leicester

Bill Gates, da Vinci’s Codex Leicester

Not all billionaires are into ridiculously expensive cars and yachts and planes. Microsoft legend Bill Gates prefers to shell out his cash on rare books. He is the official buyer of the world’s most expensive book, the $30.8 million Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci. He bought the 15th century scientific manuscript at an auction in 1994.

Paul Allen – Octopus Superyacht and WWII Fighter Planes

Paul Allen, Octopus Superyacht

While Bill Gates spends his money on knowledge, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen has got other passions. He spent loads of money on WWII fighter planes, sports teams and a 414-foot superyacht. The latter is called Octopus and it packed with really cool features, such as a submarine and two helicopter pads. There is also plenty of room onboard for many guests and really fun yacht parties.

Steve Ballmer – LA Clippers

Steve Ballmer, LA Clippers

It’s not uncommon for billionaires to buy various sports teams. But former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shelled out $2 million for one, which makes his purchase slightly more interesting than that of others. He is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a bunch of really talented professional basketball players. His purchase ranked second on the list of largest amounts paid for an American sports franchise.

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