The Awe-Inspiring Zugspitze Mountain in Germany

If you are a mountain lover, you need to visit the majestic Zugspitze in Germany. Soaring 9,718 feet above sea level, this is also the country’s highest peak, part of the Northern Limestone Alps. Interestingly, the border between Germany and Austria runs along the summit, and before the two countries became part of the Schengen zone, there even was a border checkpoint up there.


Many passionate mountain climbers are attracted by the “gold” cross at the peak of the mountain every year. While the destination is very tempting, anyone who wants to reach it must be well trained and sure-footed, because this is definitely not a trip for amateurs. The first people to have climbed this massive were Joseph Naus, accompanied by his survey assistant and a mountain guide, who reached the top on August 27, 1820.

There are far easier ways to reach the peak today: three cable railways take people up with minimal effort. The first one was opened back in 1926 and is still functional today. One of the best things about this mountain is that the views it offers are simply unparalleled. If you are lucky to reach the top on a really clear day, you can watch the majesty of snow-covered peaks across four countries! Since there are no other mountains of similar height in its vicinity, Zugspitze affords sweeping views in all directions.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience this summer, just give this mountain a chance. Make sure you bring a camera with you as well, because you will never want to forget what you see up there. The mountain is also an excellent ski destination, so if you are into winter sports, you must bring your ski gear with you too. With its awe-inspiring views, Zugspitze attracts about 500,000 tourists to its summit every year. We assure you that you definitely want to be one of them.

Zugspitze platform

Zugspitze Panorama

Northern Limestone Alps

The Northern Schneeferner

Zugspitze Cable

Zugspitze Cable Railway

Zugspitze Platform View

Gatterl View

Eibsee lake

Alpspitze and Zugspitze

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