Awe-Inspiring Ice Castles by Brent Christensen

Ice castles are as magnificent as they are unique, since they all feature their own particular designs and beauty. The splendid ice castle that was built in 2012 in Silverthorne by Brent Christensen is fantastic work of art that required a lot of skill and hard work in order to take shape.

Ice Castles 4

Building the castle required the creation and placement of between 4,000 and 8,000 icicles every day, which required vast quantities of water, as you can expect. In the end, this gorgeous frozen water fort boasted huge towers that soared 40 feet high, while the walls were quite impressive themselves with a height of 10 feet. Furthermore, in order to impress the visitors of his stunning temporary landmark even more, Brent implemented 200 compact fluorescent bulbs inside the walls, which offered a memorable show of blue and green light.

Ice Castles 1

Ice Castles by Brent Christensen

Brent Christensen is quite busy in 2013 as well, because he plans to create 3 superb ice castles in Lincoln (New Hampshire), Midway (Utah) and in Breckenridge (Colorado). Which one will you visit?

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