Award Winning Limited Edition Bounce: S3 Sneakers

In 2006 a very fruitful collaboration was initiated between Adidas and Porsche design, under the name Porsche Design Sport. After a number of successful creations and design awards, the label is back in the spotlight with a new product: the Limited Edition Bounce: S3 sneakers.

Award Winning Limited Edition Bounce: S3 Sneakers

With a very futuristic design and amazing technical qualities, the shoes are meant to immensely improve runner’s workout experience by ensuring an elastic run that seems almost more natural than walking. Thanks to their special metal springs and pivot mechanism, the sneakers are new symbols for comfort and performance.

The limited edition shoes have won the European Plus X Award, bringing another trophy home to Porsche Design Sport. To make them more visually appealing, the designers decided to give them translucent soles that  allow curious eyes to see the metal springs within. Interested athletes can find the sneakers in select Adidas boutiques and Porsche Design stores.

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