Award-Winning Electric T-Scooter Is Made For iPhone

Synchronizing your smartphone with your car or scooter is definitely not a groundbreaking concept anymore, but when you hear about a “made for iPhone” scooter, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about. Dubbed the T-Scooter, this fantastic 2-wheeler was designed by a gifted individual named Chen Kaiwen, and it already received the 2014 Red Dot Award: Design Concept award.

Electric T-Scooter 2

The scooter definitely looks like it was inspired in its design by various Apple products, flaunting a crisp, smooth and glossy appearance that is bound to turn heads. Moving on to the tech, we can tell you that this stunning vehicle will feature its own iPhone cradle, while a special app will provide wireless connectivity to a rear-facing camera for an improved riding experience. This application will also allow the rider to check road conditions so that he or she will always know what to expect during the journey.Electric T-Scooter 5

Electric T-Scooter 1

Electric T-Scooter 3

Electric T-Scooter 4

Electric T-Scooter 6

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