Austria’s Burg Kreuzenstein Castle – A Medieval Masterpiece

Austria is a magnificent country, no doubt about it, especially since it boasts some of the most incredible panoramas and landmarks in Europe. As one of its most spectacular attractions, the Burg Kreuzenstein castle can be found in Lower Austria, which is the country’s northeasternmost state. The castle is a masterpiece of 19th century engineering, but it actually replaced a much older structure that fell into ruin. The person responsible for the castle’s construction is Count Nepomuk Wilczek, who chose to built it using parts originating from various medieval structures found across Europe.

Austria's Burg Kreuzenstein Castle 2

For this reason, the Burg Kreuzenstein is often regarded as a medieval structure, even though it was constructed in relatively modern times. As a tourist destination, this stunning landmark impresses instantly with its towers and turrets, and while its exterior appearance is definitely quite awe-inspiring, its interiors are equally breathtaking as well.

Austria's Burg Kreuzenstein Castle 9

Austria’s Burg Kreuzenstein Castle

The castle was not built for defensive purposes because Count Nepomuk Wilczek planned to use it to house numerous art pieces, armor and hunting trophies, some of which can be admired by visitors to this day. Other points of interest involve a banquet hall, a chapel, a library and a kitchen featuring a 3000-year-old table.

Austria's Burg Kreuzenstein Castle 3

Austria’s Burg Kreuzenstein Castle

If you are planning to visit Austria anytime soon, we recommend that you take the time to visit the majestic Burg Kreuzenstein Castle. It will be everything you hoped for and more.

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