Australia-Blue Mountains

Enjoy spectacular views of rare and exotic animals through blurred blue heights taking shape above the bustle of modern city Sydney. Breathtaking canyons, rocky shores, creeks and waterfalls, steep plateau shape and covered by forests of the Blue Mountains National Park,protected area and included in World Heritage. Mountain range has gained its name from the mist with blue reflections of countless high eucalyptus which fine spray released into the air with shades blue oil. Most appropriate route to reach the park goes on Road Bell’s Line of Road, an ancient route on which were herds from Richmond to the north west of Sydney through winding hills and orchards to the mountains.

Australia-Blue Mountains (3)

The road is steep and winding while climbing Mount Tomah where cold climate, fertile soil and abundant rainfall create ideal conditions that led to the creation of a major botanical garden. Here,the forest has a floor dominated by arborescent fern and liana, pierced here and there by massive eucalyptus.The road goes to one narrow ridge along the Grose Valley, up to the highest point, Mount Victoria with a height of 1064 meters.Beyond this stretch Blackheath and Katoomba pictoresque centers, the latter seated on a rock above the Jamison Valley.You then cross the lower slopes Glenbrook city where you can swim in a pool.

Optim Period:Summer,when mountains offer cool retreat against Sydney’s stifling heat.Winter temperatures are lower.

Travel time: About 97km from Richmond depending on how many detours make.Book yourself a day to visit.

To know: Go in park early in the morning to see the sunrise and to avoid the crowd.Take water from home, you can not drink water from the area.

Used information: For lovers of wild flowers best time is in September when warath shrubs, lilies gymea are in bloom in mountains with small heights.In November you can visit the Blackheath city for Peony Festival.

Attractions:You can walk through forest in Ferns Cathedral turning road to Mount Wilson, between Richmond and Mount Victoria. At Blackheath can explore and Grose Valley and admire Waterfall Leap Govetts. Waters Wentworth Falls stormy fall over rocks arranged on three levels.


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