Audi RS Q3 Concept

At the Beijing Auto Show ,Audi has a theme based on Q3-RS Concept with 360 hp which can send up the car to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds.This interprets the the character of the compact Suv in a very special way,systematic dynamically.It is a vehicle based on the dynamic performance .Its engine , a 2.5 TFSI with 265 kW/360 hp and its body – lowered by 25 mm and wider, with sharp visual detail – exploring the potential of a model high-performance serial Q3. Unlike other RS models, in the case of Q3 RS wheel drive can only distribute torque to the front axle in low grip conditions. Returning to the rear axle is made by a electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.

Audi RS Q3 Concept (5)

RS Q3 Audi Concept is characterized with a single-frame grille, flanked by large air intakes and narrow headlights. The back is dominated by a redesigned bumper integrates a large diffuser and exhaust pipes.Glass roof provides more light inside, which is mostly black with some blue detail.

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