Audi Buys DUCATI For $1.1 Billion

German automobile manufacturer Audi is going to but the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati with  $1.1 Billion.Audi has officially announced that will buy Ducati from Investindustrial Group,the main shareholder of Ducati.Terms weren’t disclosed understanding between companies,but those from Audi are confident that the transaction will be completed “as soon as possible” ,once it is approved by government.Ducati has debts of 200 million euros,which is the main reason that the current shareholder ,Investindustrial,agreed to deal with Audi.

Audi Buys DUCATI For $1.1 Billion (20)

Ducati is known worldwide as a premium brand among manufacturers of motorcycles and has a long tradition in production of sports motorcycles.It has the best knowledge about high performance engines and construction from light materials and is one of the most profitable manufacturers of motorcycles in the world.So ,Ducati fits perfectly with Audi”,said head of Audi ,Rupert Stadler.

Thanks to this agreement, Volkswagen Group, which owns Audi, enlarges its portfolio with a brand of motorcycles, off brands of cars, commercial vehicles and marine engines in its possession.

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