Astonishing Airbus ACJ319 Private Jet

The Airbus ACJ319 raises the standards of sophistication to a whole new level. This business class jet boasts the tallest and widest cabin on an aircraft of its kind (2.25 meters and 3.7 meters respectively). The jet itself is made up of bedrooms, workspaces, bathrooms and lounge areas, making flying with it the ultimate experience high off the ground. The color scheme of cream and beige that the main lounge flaunts gives it a very luxurious appeal. It is also equipped with leather seats and couches, wood grain polished tables, a large television set on the wall and a spacious dining table. The intimate bedroom of the aircraft features a sofa, a television and a double bed. The bathroom is just as exquisite as the other compartments of the jet and is geared up with a large shower. Worth a whopping $87 million, Airbus ACJ319 is among the largest private jets on the market.

Astonishing Airbus ACJ319 Private Jet (1)

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  1. Heiko Mahler

    Dear Salceanu Madalin,
    thank you for your kind comments about the A319CJ, K5,and my interior design developed and designed in 2006.
    For more than 45 years Mahler Industrial Design develops and designs interiors for air transport systems including VIP, corporate and airline series interiors.
    Best regards, Heiko Mahler


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