Armani Collection Fall / Winter 2011-2012

Whether it’s summer or winter ,women must to be in fashion all time.Ladies the cold season in near and and designers compete in proposals.Armani collection for fall/winter 2011-2012 was presented at Paris Fashion Week,and it is a true homage to Japanese.As Armani usual us,the stylish color palette can be defined only by a word:elegance.

Armani Collection Fall / Winter 2011-2012 (9)

Black and white are the stars of collection,but are added and orange,red and all kind of printsCollection Armani autumn / winter 2011-2012 include pencil skirts, tight pants accessorized by obi and colorful  belts, long and fluids dresses that emphasize the silhouette. No shortage of geometric shapes inspired by the traditional kimono, ikebana and cherry blossoms prints, but also extravagant hats are present.

Armani designer said about collection for fall/winter 2011/2012 that “Japan has always admired, with a captivating culture and a refined sense of aesthetics, and he was deeply impressed by the tragic event that took place in March”.Do you like this collection?

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