Are You Wonder How Future Buildings Look?

When it comes to the future everyone is thinking about the most strangest things.Architects, and they,  put their imaginations to the test and the results are downright science fiction order.They are fighting who builds the tallest, steepest, most ecological building.And this battle leads to projects that manage to break the rules of design, physics and managed to get us thinking about science-fiction movies.Now all the world focus on environmental protection, so the future seems to be environmentally friendly.

Are You Wonder How Future Buildings Look? (3)

Future buildings will change the face of all cities and will use only the resources of nature, will be constructed of environmentally friendly and designed to be confused with nature as the aspect.All these projects that seem impossible and also detached from a science fiction film have likely to be built in the years to come.Would you like to live in a city of the future?

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