Aqua Studio is America’s First Underwater Cycling Studio

The Aqua Studio can be found in Tribeca, New York, and it represents America’s first contact with aqua cycling – a ground breaking exercise developed by an Italian physical therapist. This exercise is quite popular in Europe, and it was originally meant to rehabilitate injured athletes.

Aqua Studio is America's First Underwater Cycling Studio (6)

The workout session lasts 45 minutes and it consists of a series of core and arm strengthening exercises that would not otherwise be possible to practice during normal cycling. As you would expect, the water provides extra resistance during the workout, while also supporting body weight and keeping joints safe.

The bikes are placed four-feet underwater with the handles just underneath the water line. A thorough workout allows the user to burn up to 800 kilocalories, which means it is quite effective in cellulite burning.

The studio offers various membership cards such as the $34 trial class or the $990 thirty-class card. The place will also feature its own massage rooms and juice bar, so it is definitely worth a try.

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