Apple Will Release iPhone 5 With Quad-Core In Autumn

Next to Apple’s iPhone, the sixth model will be equipped with a larger screen than its predecessor (3.5 inches), but thinner due to new technologies.It seems that the model will suffer major improvements in the appearance and performance. It is said that the next iPhone will have a larger screen, 4 inches, and remodeled housing. In addition, it uses a Quad-Core, used by Samsung.

Apple Will Release iPhone 5 With Quad-Core In Autumn (2)

The most significant change to the processor A5X was to improve performance integrated graphics processor.This GPU has been improved, modified, to achieve performances of Quad-Core, which is able to provide the 3.1 million pixels of screen.Apple’s new smartphone will be launched during August-October, the time ranging from one source to another, and will have a new design from the previous model “4S”, according to information published recently in the media and the Internet.

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