Apple to Release a 27-Inch Retina Display iMac?

While we are all waiting patiently for the classy Apple Watch to ripen, the buy people at Apple are reportedly working hard on their new 27-inch iMac with awesome Retina Display. And this goodie may even be released later this month, which is way better than the smartwatch’s February release date.

Apple - 27-Inch Retina Display iMac

What we do know for sure is that mid-October will witness the launch of the new Yosemite operating system for notebooks and desktops. Mac owners will be able to download it for free and enjoy all its new features, including its optimization for ultra-high definition and higher-resolution displays.

If the company decides to also reveal the new desktop, it will probably come with a very familiar design, while the internal specs will get a serious upgrade. The old non-retina version of the computer will also remain available for those who prefer the more affordable version.

Another Apple treat that you can look forward to is the new iPad Air with improved processor, Apple Pay mobile payment compatibility, and Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Apple - 27-Inch Retina Display iMac

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