Andy Warhol’s New York City Townhouse for Sale

Andy Warhol was an American artist and leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. His former New York City townhouse is now up for sale for the staggering price of $5,8 million, and it can be found in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood on Lexington Avenue.

Andy Warhol's New York City Townhouse for Sale (7)

The property was purchased by the artist in 1959 for the price of $60,000, while the townhouse itself was designed by architect Henry Hardenbergh. The 3,000-foot residence was Warhol’s home for 15 years, and during his occupancy, he created some of its more appreciated art pieces, such as the 1962 rendition of Campbell’s Soup Cans.

The house boasts four and a half bathrooms along with four bedrooms, and it was occupied by two more families since Andy’s departure. It has been updated and renovated along the years, featuring all the necessary amenities and comforts. You can admire it in the following pictures.

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