AMG on Vehicle with Hybrid Powertrains and the Next SLS

Among the many stunning debuts that took place during this year’s Geneva Motor Show, we can count the unveiling of LaFerrari by Ferrari, Veneno by Lamborghini and of the McLaren P1. The Ferrari and the McLaren vehicles boasted hybrid powertrains that resemble the ones that were used on Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius. It seems like automakers are taking steps towards making eco-friendly cars more popular. Apparently AMG does not subscribe to this idea.

AMG on Vehicle with Hybrid Powertrains and the Next SLS (38)

Tobias Moers, the AMG Director of Vehicle Development, reassured the public that the SLS AMG will have a successor, but the vehicle won’t be a hybrid. It will sport a combustion engine and the focus will be more on lightweight materials than on fitting the car with electric motors. Good examples when it comes to the use of light materials are the SLS AMG Black Series and the SLS AMG GT. The first is lighter than the second mentioned model, which itself is not as heavy as the regular SLS AMG.

Moers also stated that it is not in AMG’s intention to be a part of the hypercar manufacturer’s league. He also suggested that another performance model will be launched alongside the successor of the SLS. The vehicle will allegedly find its place between the C63 AMG model and the SLS AMG.

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