Americans Build An Underground Bunker

It seems that if you are rich you will survive during the apocalypse.Americans are thinking at the life of those rich and they are building underground apartments for them .So,which is the price for life?Just $ 2 million! If americans are preparing for the apocalypse ,you must to be careful when you decide to buy a house.But how would be if you would have the possibility to take a house with luxurious bedrooms, with swimming pool and theater and to resist during the apocalypse? The first apartment was even bought by Hall who currently lives in Denver. It says that by the coming end of the world, he will use location as a holiday destination. So far they have sold four apartments in building anti-Apocalypse, worth over $ 7 million. Construction will be in place of nuclear bunkers in the Second World War, abandoned in the prairie of Kansas and may be used in case of solar storms, terrorist attacks or pandemics. Outside of the safety of life ,who is tempted to buy a shelter for Apocalypse he will be part of all conditions, because houses are real suites.

Americans Build An Underground Bunker (2)

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