The Amazing Via Ferrata Of North America And Canada

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking but your friends don’t really have the aptitude to keep up with you, then you can always suggest an easier and equally rewarding sport called “via ferrata”. Dating all the way back to World War I, this incredible sport was initially practiced by Italians who traversed the Dolomite Mountains. In order to make their passing across the rocky cliffs easier, the soldiers bolted a series of ladders, cables and metal rungs into the rock surface thus creating a series of climbing routes. As the years passed, this activity took on a much more domestic purpose and is now being practiced on a wide scale across North America by numerous adventurers who want to experience the thrill of mountain climbing in complete safety. If you are thinking about giving via ferrata a try sometimes, then you should probably have a look at our following list.

Yosemite Half Dome Via Ferrata 1

1. Mount Nimbus and Conrad Glacier in British Colombia, Canada

Mount Nimbus Via Ferrata

If you would like to climb on top of the beautiful 8,600-foot tall Mount Nimbus in British Colombia, then you could easily do so via a 1.5-mile long via ferrata. All you have to do is check in at the Bobbie Burns Lodge and say that you want to experience the heli-hiking excursion, which includes a trip to a picturesque valley found at the base of the majestic mountain. Once you are transported to the valley, you can strap on your climbing gear and begin an ascent along the via ferrata, which features a cable bolted right into the base of Mount Nimbus. You would be able to admire magnificent panoramas on the way, not to mention the views that can be seen once you reach the top.

As an alternative, you could always go to the Conrad Glacier Field nearby and embark on a memorable adventure that includes climbing and hiking as well as making your way across wild canyons on metal rungs and bridges. The entire affair lasts for 8 hours, but a lunch is served after 4 hours right on the shores of a glacial lake.

2. Yosemite Half Dome At The Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite Half Dome Via Ferrata

Even though the Half Dome of the Yosemite National Park was once considered completely inaccessible for humans, a climber by the name of George Anderson eventually proved once and for all that there are no limits to human ingenuity and dedication. Since then, thousands of individuals have treaded in his footsteps across a 15-mile trip to the summit, which soars no less than 5,000 feet above the picturesque Yosemite Valley. The trip lasts for 10 hours and eventually leads to a place called the sub-Dome, which happens to boast an incredible via ferrata. Those who have the stomach for it can climb 400 feet by using nothing but 2 metal cables and a series of wooden foot holds.

3. Studhorse, Hoodoo and Cave Peak ¬¬ In Page, Utah

Studhorse, Hoodoo Via Ferrata 2

The Amangiri Resort is located within the Four Corners region in the USA, and it has been tempting relatively wealthy outdoor types for quite some time now with its 3 via ferrata that offer varying degrees of difficulty as well as breathtaking panoramas along the way. The resort’s guests can choose to go on this journey under the watchful eye of a professional guide, which is recommended especially if they want to take on the Studhorse trail – a 1.5-mile long trip that lasts for about 3 hours.

4. Mount Ogden In Ogden, Utah

Mount Ogden Via Ferrata 1

The Mount Ogden ferrata park was sketched out by an experienced climber named Jeff Lowe, and it can be found on a private property in Waterfall Canyon. The park includes a few practice via ferrata as well as 3 main trails that vary in elevation from 250 feet to 350 feet. One of the most challenging is Route No.2, which measures 1.5 miles and starts off in close proximity to a massive waterfall. Even though it starts off quite easily, climbers are eventually challenged by several vertical sections. Near the end of the trip, hikers can strap on to a galvanized steel cable and admire the majestic views of Great Salt Lake from a highly elevated position.

5. Smugglers’ Notch — Jeffersonville, Vermont

Notch Via Ferrata

The Notch via ferrata is famous for its family-orientated design and picturesque panoramas. The route leads across the Brewster River Gorge and requires its visitors to become somewhat familiarized with canyoneering and rock climbing. Picturesque chasms and gorges, a 75-foot tall waterfall, huge boulders, a river and a treetop obstacle course are definitely the most important highlights of this extraordinary via ferrata.


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